Delusions of Grandeur

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Guest Musicians

Connor Kennedy (guitar)
Professor Louie (paino)
Jim Rauter (mandolin)

Behind the Song

Musically, I was inspired by that lazy old-school country guitar line, reminiscent of Ricki Lee Jone’s Last Chance Texaco. Lyrically, this is my Castles Made of Sand. When I was a little boy, I used to place my Matchbox cars on the floor between two chairs in my parent’s living room. I would put on my superhero cape and lay across the arms of the chairs as if I were flying high above a city, looking down on the cars below. In those moments, before being called to dinner, I was a superhero. Fast forward a bunch of years, and occasionally I still dream of fame, but realize it’s a bit like grasping ghosts.


I’ve had a dream about being a hero ~ A caped-crusader in a phone booth ~ With many a long-distance call, long-distance call ~ With help from a damsel distressed on the train tracks ~ Had he studied his history ~ The villain would know he’s to fall, villains must fall ~ For moments before ill-fate ~ I’d swoop down and save her, fly her away from evil ~ In the safety and strength of my arms, safety of my arms ~ The truth is that I am frail and emotionally unstable ~ And my good intentions are just wishes that never made it from the well ~ We’ve all had dreams about dying in a car crash ~ It’d make the front page ~ Just like, just like James Dean, just like James Dean ~ We’ve fantasized how the whole world would miss us ~ Remembering the last time that they kissed us ~ They’d openly weep, our loved ones would openly weep ~ But the truth is that we will all too soon be forgotten ~ And the dust of our bones might as well be the dust upon your shelf ~ I’ve had a recurring dream ~ About being a rock star performing in the limelight ~ My favorite electric guitar, my electric guitar ~ To some faceless ten-thousand ~ Stuffing into the venue, only to see me smash at the end ~ My favorite guitar, my electric guitar ~ But the truth is that I’m playing acoustic guitar to hand full of bar-flies ~ Caffeine fiends and transparent poets exchanging verse ~ The only chance at a light show ~ Is that old dusty Miller High Life sign in your window ~ I’m reminded by the barkeep, she says things could always be worse ~ Jimi, things could always be worse ~ You could have delusions of grandeur