Massapequa Depot

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Guest Musicians

Casey Erdmann (vocals)
Professor Louie (piano, synthesizer, accordion)


The waiting for the train ~ In the shelter on the platform ~ That wreaked of piss and wine ~ And you are there by my side ~ We serenaded our memories ~ Weathering wind and the rain storm ~ Failed sunset lamenting the refrain ~ Commuter faces in papers hide ~ Moving close in day’s requiem ~ Your frame silhouetting my profile ~ And I am saved and so doomed ~ In these moments that we touch ~ And outside on the trestle ~ The engine rolls on towards Babylon ~ Through the rustling of the New York Times ~ The rails barely hush ~ Then lights appearing in the distance ~ Gaining brightness, ‘twas the night rise ~ Cruel, approaching and relentless ~ As I held you in desiring arms ~ Cruel approaching – relentless ~ Towards the Penn Station and the sky rise ~ We kiss and unwillingly part ~ I wish to have you longer in my arms ~ As the train’s pulling away ~ From Massapequa Depot ~ I steal one last look at you ~ Through my pained reflection ~ And had I the chance to say ~ All the things you already know ~ That I’m thankful, and that I’m sorry ~ And that I love you ~ Massapequa depot ~ I ain’t got a damned thing to lose ~ Massapequa depot ~ Have I anything to gain ~ And if you don’t know, make up a story ~ Lie through your teeth in the train wheels echo ~ And as she rolls out into the darkness ~ I’m all that remains