Payne’s Grey Sky

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Guest Musicians

Henry “Hawk” Hermann (fiddle)
Jim Rauter (mandolin)


Were you standing in the rain ~ Trying to wash away your pain ~ Or were you crying ~ And just trying to hide your tears ~ Dropping breadcrumbs in the hall ~ Waiting for me to follow ~ But in your wake, only silence ~ Of a promise never proclaimed ~ Under Payne’s grey sky ~ We are left to wonder why ~ The fates always seem to spin such a tangled thread ~ Tying our timeless quest ~ To the sages and fools abreast ~ Their destiny’s bound ~ Wherever night’s muses tread ~ Oh why, oh why, did I ever allow my eyes ~ To meet yours inside the space of dreams ~ Stargazing into souls, constellations as old ~ As the truth that nothing is what it seems ~ So dear dreamer take your leave ~ I had no intentions to deceive ~ Or suspend you in midnight’s consuming sorrow ~ Pray our paths never again cross ~ For too dear has been the cost ~ Let yesterday be the last of our tomorrows