Promised Land

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Guest Musicians

Gabriel Dresdale (cello)
Henry “Hawk” Hermann (fiddle)
Professor Louie (piano, organ)

Behind the Song

Promised Land was written over a period of probably six months. It was written at a time when many people in my close circle of family and friends were quite ill. At the same time, the country was at war with an enemy that was simply called “Terror”. This song is an invitation to the listener to find peace over the pain we experience in both our personal lives and the world entire. 


Who is left to make us laugh ~ Who is to tell us the grain from the chaff ~ For against the fence is the abandoned staff ~ Of the shepherd who skipped town for the Promised Land ~ Who is to show us wrong from right ~ Who is to guide us when fails our sight ~ On that darkest hour of the longest night ~ When the sun set long ago over the Promised Land ~ Who is to keep us from reaping what’s been sown ~ Lost hearts are all that’s left to warm these chilled bones ~ Standing at the hearth watching cold ashes blown ~ Down, down, downwind towards the Promised Land ~ Who is to hold on to love and faith as if this chance is your last ~ Let go of all them regrets what’s past is passed ~ You best drop them stones you’re about to cast ~ For they’ll weigh you on down before the Promised Land ~ They’ll weigh, weigh, weigh you on down before the Promised Land ~ Oh, mama, now don’t you despair ~ Worry, worry, worrying is just a waste of time ~ Come with me darlin’ if you dare ~ The Promised Land is just a state of mind ~ Who is to protest; who is to resist ~ When all of hope is shrouded in the dark grey mist ~ Suspend all the world’s heartbreak with an embrace and a kiss ~ And deliver us Almighty to the Promised Land ~ Deliver us Almighty to the Promised Land